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"Live every curse like a blessing."; 'Perspectiv' 👌

This project has a lifetime in it. What started as a mental exercise to help myself out of a funk has turned into a powerful ballad that seems to be leaving quite the impact on listeners.

The smallest, yet coldest team ever!

Ballin' Stawns made the core music.

I produced and recorded the song with Ron Petroff, Jr at Krush Audio.

Christina Tripp laid some crucial vocals to bring it to life.

MixbyBrandon mixed and mastered it.

JJ Navejas and I freestyle-filmed a music video out of nothing.

Mark Anthony lead the way on location while providing behind the scenes visual support.

AND I created/edited the cover art, promos, music video, etc...

YOUR RESPONSE has made all the work worth it. 🙏

If you haven't seen the music video, watch it below. Share it if you have time!


See how the music video was made. 👇

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